Gaggenau wins 2015 iF gold awardThe iF gold award 2015 has been awarded to Gaggenau for their 2014 exhibition stand at Eurocucina.

‘The esteem of craftsmanship’ was the final instalment of ‘The tradition of manufacture’ trilogy. It began with the factory concept ‘A glimpse behind the scenes’, which also won a gold in 2011. This was followed by ‘From raw material to masterpiece’ in 2012. ‘The esteem of craftsmanship’ harked back to the origins of culinary culture presenting visitors with an extraordinary recreation of a traditional rectangular farmhouse.

The jury commented: “Designed as a traditional farmhouse structure arranged around a square-shaped courtyard, this exhibition stand is in perfect harmony with the values of the company that commissioned the design: it is all about skilled craftsmanship, high quality manufacture and exclusivity. The innovative and technically advanced appliances are showcased as tools in the production process: high tech meets unspoiled nature. Using skillfully implemented contrasts, the design perfectly communicates the Gaggenau brand,”

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