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  • Living Room Furniture Gallery
  • Living Room Furniture Gallery
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  • Living Room Furniture Gallery
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  • Handmade fitted living room study furniture
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Living Areas

At David Haugh we are not only about kitchens, we understand that there are other rooms in your house that require some love and attention. Having started as a maker of bespoke furniture over 25 years ago, David Haugh have continued to create stunning pieces of unique furniture for rooms throughout the home. With an expert design team we work with you to maximise space and storage in your living areas, along with creating exquisite pieces of handmade furniture to match your ideas.

Working from our base in Tunbridge Wells we help you to realise the potential of all your living areas through your ideas and thoughts throughout the entire process. We have created many different room designs, each with their own unique feel and we aim to ensure you are left wholly satisfied not only by the end product, but by the complete process.


Study Furniture

If you work from home, or just want somewhere to relax and read a book in your house, we understand the need for a clean functional study area.

Whether you want a modern minimalistic design or something more traditional, David Haugh can create a study that fulfils your needs.

With a range of furniture options, handmade by our talented craftsmen, you can be certain that we will design a study that matches your original ideas and provides you with a perfect space to work, study or even just relax.

Living Room Furniture

The living room is the heart of a home. You entertain, relax and go about everyday activities in this one room so it is important you have a space that reflects your personality and fits with your lifestyle. At David Haugh we have vast experience in creating great looking living spaces that are functional for daily use.

With low level cupboards, floor to ceiling storage solutions or contemporary glass cupboards and tables, the options are plenty. Working with you every step of the design process, we take on board all of your ideas and come up with a design that seamlessly blends with your current schemes.
Our bespoke living room furniture can add that wow factor to any living space or completely transform a room to give you that more homely feel.

Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom FurnitureA bedroom should be a comfortable, private place that you can use as your own personal getaway. Gone are the days when bedrooms simply provided a place to rest your head, now you relax, study and use a bedroom as a secondary living room.

To create your perfect room we have a team of expert designers that help you piece together your ideal space. With our range of skilfully handmade bedroom furniture we can produce something contemporary with the use of glass or a more traditional feel with solid wood.

Whatever ambiance you are after in your bedroom, we will deliver you a functional space with storage solutions for all your needs.


If you would like to find out more about how David Haugh can help you revolutionise your living areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01892 750310 or contact us through the website.