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Wildflowers on a hill

David Haugh Sustainability Policy

We put sustainability at the core of our business values as furniture manufacturers we strive to be responsible where we can by recycling our waste and lowering our Co2 emissions where possible.

We build furniture to last with a lifetime guarantee on our bespoke work.   We aim to produce sustainably by manufacturing locally at our own workshops in Bells Yew Green, near Tunbridge Wells, and are dealers of STONEHAM kitchens who manufacture in Sidcup, Kent.  By keeping local we have full control over our operations and with 30 years of experience in the business, we have carefully selected our suppliers to ensure a minimal carbon footprint.

We use temperate hard and soft woods and avoid the use of endangered tropical timbers where logging practices are less regulated. Our timbers are sourced from well-managed, responsible forests where the cycle of clearing, and replanting has been continuing for generations.

Our main timber and board supplier are based in Essex where products are independently certified, coming from well-managed forests and organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council®

(FSC® FSC-C007658) or from the program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™). We use materials with low VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and water-based paints wherever possible.

We minimise our use of energy with LED lighting controlled by sensors and our heating is controlled thermostatically using less energy.

Our floral arrangements are from a company supplying life-like flowers made from recycled plastic. Although plastic isn’t always seen as eco-friendly, with repeated use the carbon footprint is less than using fresh flowers.

We try to operate a paperless office as much as possible producing digital designs and correspondence.

We recycle all our sawdust waste by giving it away to a local organic chicken farmer who uses it for outdoor bedding.

PLANTLIFE membership

And to help offset the other waste products we are proud supporters of Plant life.

This charity works to improve our wildlife by planting wildflowers and plants across the UK from road verges, chalk meadows, mountains, and Atlantic woodland.  Plantlife is working throughout the UK to save wild spaces for plants and pollinators.

The Ranscombe Farm Reserve Kent is a wonderful place to visit to see this work being done. We looked for a charity to support that has a real impact on all of nature and Plantlife does just that. We are proud to be members of this wonderful organisation and extremely lucky to be in the same county as this reserve.

PlantLife Member Logo